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Get the smooth, nourished and moisturised skin that you’ve always wanted.
Our natural moisturiser will combat dryness and achieve that supple skin you’ve been dreaming of.

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Bush Essentials Moisturiser is a rich cream which when applied to the skin leaves it feeling soft, nourished and moisturised. The active ingredients combat dryness and smooth the appearance of fine lines for a soft supple skin.

The ingredients and blend of essential oils produce a luxurious cream for the entire body and face.  When applied to your entire body after a bath or shower your skin will feel silky smooth, hydrated and nourished.  Our Moisturiser is a wonderful base for applying makeup or an indulgent all over body cream.

Our Moisturiser is 100% Australian made from a premium blend of pure essential oils and natural ingredients which have been expertly blended to produce a wonderfully fragrant and nourishing cream.

Macadamia Oil – Moisturises, replenishes and rejuvenates sensitive, damaged, dry or mature skin.

Jojoba Oil – A remarkable moisturising oil that conditions dry skin.

Vitamin E – An antioxidant believed to visibly slow the ageing process.

Aloe Vera – Naturally healing, soothing and moisturising.

Almond Oil – Antioxidant and moisturising properties.

Marine Collagen – Provides excellent moisture retention properties to help improve the appearance of skin texture, vitality and natural beauty.

Patchouli Oil – Combats dry skin.

Lemon Myrtle – Antioxidant and antiseptic properties, will soothe dry skin.

  • Luxurious face cream
  • Body moisturiser
  • Excellent base for makeup
  • A fantastic after sun
  • Takes the heat out of sunburn
  • Can be used on problem areas such as knees and elbows
  • Very soothing for dry itchy skin problems
  • Repels insects.

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50ml – $22.00, 100ml – $33.00, 250ml – $55.00,

4 reviews for Moisturiser

  1. Linda Bester
    5 out of 5


    I am an Environmental Scientist living in Melbourne. Up until I came across your product at the Brisbane market, I had been suffering from very bad dermatitis on my hands. My skin was incredibly itchy and dry, and as a result, it was constantly splitting. This was very painful. The doctor would only ever prescribe skin-thinning, steroid-based creams/ointments, which didn’t help. I went on a quest to find a more natural treatment, and tried countless creams/ointments that claimed that they would provide the answer, but to no avail. A few years ago my partner and I visited family in Qld, which is where I came across a stand selling your products. I was highly sceptical, as so many other products failed to live up to their claims. Nevertheless, I thought it’s worth a try. After about 4 weeks of applying the product twice daily, my dermatitis was gone. My partner and I were astounded! I’m ecstatic about the fact that I don’t have to use those horrible prescription creams anymore.

    I have since recommended the cream to many others and it has helped most of them, though I guess there will always people who need other kinds of treatment due to the nature of their ailments.

    I don’t know if you realise this, but your product is also a miracle treatment for cradle cap. My baby started getting this and I treated her straight away with your moisturiser. It disappeared! I told my Maternal and Child Health Nurse who said that cradle cap is normally very difficult to get rid of. So I guess there’s a whole other market to target right there.

    Kind regards,

    — Linda Bester (June 2011)

  2. Helen Carandreou
    5 out of 5


    I suffered from welts, itching and burning skin. I spend hundreds of $$$ on allergy tests and more $$$ to find relief. One day I went to the Brisbane Royal Show and a lady at the Bush Essentials stand asked me if I would like to try the moisturiser. I will never forget the feeling. It was like she put a cool pack on my burning skin. I waited to see if the itch came back and before going home a bought the pack. I never looked back and never bought anything else. This was in 2008. I love all the products, and if the company ever stops marketing those wonderful skin care products I would be lost and devastated. I use the massage oil after a shower all over and after towel drying I use the moisturiser. My arms had been badly sun burned and I had fisherman’s/woman’s skin but now lots of people comment on my lovely olive skin. It’s not that, it’s the Bush Essentials I have been using. I can’t find the words to thank you. BIG THANK YOU. Helen Carandreou (19/03/2014)

  3. Garry
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):


    My wife and I absolutely love this moisturiser. My wife suffers from itchy, red skin and uses the moisturiser to greatly calm that condition down and I just love the feel and scent of this wonderful cream and especially after my shower and upon retiring to bed. For some reason I find that the lemon scent helps me to sleep better so I rub the cream into my hands and face and then fall asleep.

    I originally found this product when visiting the Salamanca markets in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania when my wife and I were visiting a few years ago and I have always loved the Bush Essentials product since that visit. The funny thing is, I am actually originally from Hobart and unfortunately had to relocate to Sydney, NSW because of work and yet I found this product when I returned to Tasmania on a visit.

    Garry and Jocee Watkins.

  4. Terence
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A very good moisturising cream, I use it after shaving and it makes my skin feel good. I like the refreshing smell of this cream.

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Bush Essentials was established in 2005 and manufactures high performance natural skincare products with ingredients of the highest quality in our Kunda Park factory on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

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